Team of students from Instituto Superior Técnico

We are a team, made up of mostly engineering students from Instituto Superior Técnico – IST, with the objective of developing vehicles and creating the know-how in the different engineering areas, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. We are developing a unique prototype in Portugal of a urban, sustainable, hydrogen moved car with an efficiency objective, to participate in the worldwide competition organized by SHELL – a SHELL Eco Marathon.

Our objectives

Building a car

Project, build and test an urban concept car powered by hydrogeen 


SHELL Eco-Marathon

Participate in the biggest competition in the world focused on sustainability


Fuell Cell

Descover more about what is a Fuel Cell, how do they work and how we will integrate them in our car


Our team

Duarte Soares

Team Leader & external relations

Rui Dinis

Projetct Manager & Technical Director

Vasco Ferreira

Head of the Mechanics Department

Pedro Camarate

Head of the Mechanics Department

Eduardo Barata

Head of the Comunication & Marketing Department

Afonso Carapeto

Head of the Eletronics Department

André Raposo

Head of the Aerodynamics Department

Manuel Cruz

Head of the Hydrogen Department


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Our location

Av. Rovisco Pais 1, 1049-001 Lisboa