Powertrain Departament

TFC’s department responsible for designing, dimensioning and optimizing the vehicle’s propulsion system. Our department objectives for the current cycle are explained in the following points:

– Projecting an highly efficient electrical propulsion system for the vehicle – from the fuel cell to the wheels.
– Creating a solid know-how around the workings, operation and maintenance of a fuel cell.
– Selecting all necessary components for the vehicle’s propulsion system and adapting those in order to extract maximum return from them;
– Creating an energetic simulator trough a block diagram, faithful to the vehicle’s and its component’s behaviour, to allow for optimization of the energy flux and a driving strategy;
– Assembling and testing the full propulsion system together with the Electronics Department;
– During the Shell Ecomarathon competition, getting the maximum possible data on the vehicle’s propulsion system on race to improve/optimize the next car.

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