Thrive through the energy transition.
Galp is positioned as a national and international reference company in the energy sector, which develops profitable and sustainable businesses.
The need for society’s decarbonisation has brought challenges to all economic sectors. Nowadays, it is clear that the way energy is generated, transformed, and consumed will change, and this means shaping and adapting Galp’s strategy to present and future needs.
In 2021, Galp updated its strategy towards a resilient investment case in an accelerated energy transition. Galp aims to reshape its portfolio and become a dynamic, digitally enabled customer-oriented company, with a material position in renewables and new energies, and industrial operations being progressively decarbonized and transformed towards a green energy hub.
The Company’s strategy originates a value-driven investment case, which relies on a clear capital allocation framework, allocating around 50% of its net investments in the 2021-25 period towards low-to-no-carbon activities.