Grupo ProCME is composed by a group of companies that operate in the sector of engineering services with high technological incorporation. The major investment performed in innovation and technology and the broad products and service diversification, along with the higher qualification and professional standards of the human resources board, provide the necessary competitivity to position themselves as a market leader, integrating new business areas and cementing their performance in new markets. They operate in Portugal, France, Germany, Cape Verde and Angola.

Their highly qualified and multidisciplinary teams are prepared to conceive and develop innovating projects integrated in all of their areas of operation, meeting the high standards of their customers. Their mission is to create value, satisfy their customers and partners and contribute to the economical growth of the countries in which they operate.

Grupo ProCME collaborates in a sustainable way to promote the life quality at work, including the work conditions, their professionals’ development, the work life balance and the life quality of the communities surrounding them.